Sloths for Sale

Sloths for Sale

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  • Name: World Exotics Inc.
  • Posted: 07/26/2021
  • Location: Florida
  • ID #59990
We have a couple of yearling and adult sloths ready to go. Doing n eating great also dewormed.

Please contact us for more info.

Thank you for Your time & Business

World Exotic Inc

Naples, FL



  • Joel Wood on February 28
    How much are you asking for one Yearling?
  • katie kunz on February 26
    how much is a sloth
  • noahb$ on February 15
    whant sloth how much
  • jojo siwa on February 9
    i luv sloths they r bootuful
  • Brogen 💖 on January 29
    How much x
  • ... on January 25
    whats the price for this adorable beauty?
  • Karen on January 4
    Need a price Now, my daughter is screaming at me and she wants an animal different than the one we have at home so I want this
  • calli on December 16
    how much for each?
  • Trinity on November 19
    I want to buy one
  • Athena on November 12
    Hi, how much are you asking
  • Teddy on October 4
    Hi, What's your rehoming fee?
  • Don on September 13
    How much are you asking for them?
  • Bob on September 8
    Hi I like sloth
  • dp on September 6
    how much
  • Zsl London zoo on September 4
    Hi there! We where wondering if you could supply us with any more info on your two beautiful boys! Mat
  • Calvin Koerner on September 1
    I live in Bonita Springs and I may be interested in one of you slothes. Are the still available? I have a screen cage, about 1000 soft with fig, orange, and banana trees inside the cage. Is this a suitable environment for them? The cage even has a 400 gal water fountain for them to play in.
  • Allyson Guevara on September 1
    How much is this adorable baby ?
  • Kimberly Smith on August 31
    how much are you asking for the sloth? How big do they get? What is life span?
  • Taylor Schlaiss on August 28
    How much is it. Can i buy this please?
  • Cindy Bardin on August 28
    Are they handleable and how much are you asking
  • melina on August 27
    how much are they
  • jose nodal on August 26
    Why are you selling sloths? Sloths are unique animals worthy of preservation and they belong free in the wild not in someone's cage. If you truly love sloths you would not be selling them rather place it in a sanctuary.
  • Anonymous on August 25
    What is the asking price
  • Forest Hinson on August 23
    How can I buy one?
  • April on August 21
    how much is the baby & yearling?
  • Valentina on August 15
    I would like to know the price for the youngest one
  • jose nodal on August 13
    You will not sell any sloths to anyone. Sloths are not pets and sloths are illegally trafficked here to united States thrue smugglers and poaching. No you will not sell SLOTHS.
  • My hanna on August 8
    how much money are they
  • Steven Ice on August 8
    interested in your sloths, please email me with a price.thank you
  • Lupita on August 8
  • Jennifer Gill on August 7
    What are you asking for them? Im in Massachusetts I would take a flight down to you.
  • Ava smith on August 4
    How much are they and how big
  • Anthony Montanez on July 29
    Interested, what is the asking price?
  • Anmarie Prado on July 24
    I would like to purchase this sloth
  • Carol on July 23
    May I ask what you are asking for the youngest sloth and how old is he?