Baby Male Squirrel monkeys

Baby Male Squirrel monkeys

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  • Name: Chuck Bowyer
  • Posted: 09/26/2020
  • Phone: 910 610 3153
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  • Location: North Carolina
  • Website: Http://
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Baby male squirrel monkeys available

4-5 weeks weeks old, babies have great temperament and personalities. Ready to go.

Squirrel monkeys make awesome pets and have long life span.

KCsRanch is a USDA licensed and inspected facility

Contact us for details 910 610 3153


  • cadance on October 22
  • Andrew Stidham. on October 8
    hi I wanted to know how much does the baby squirrel monkey cost
  • Melinda King on October 5
    I am interested in adopting a baby, but first I would like to learn more on how to care for
  • jim morris on September 28
    how much for monkey?
  • Randy on September 18
    We bought a squirrel monkey from Chuck. It was a very easy transaction and him and his wife welcomed us into their home and went in detail about how to care for the Monkey. I would highly recommend doing business with them.
  • Jeff on September 18
    How much do you want for one?
  • Jeff on September 18
    How much do want for one.
  • Judy Sweet on September 18
    How much would one cost?
  • Melvin valdez on September 18
    How much is it? Very interested
  • Chantel Hernandez on September 15
    How much ?
  • Eleanor on September 13
    Hi how much is it
  • Lannie Ferguson on September 10
    I am looking for monkey I have been wanting one for a while I live in Mississippi was wondering how much your baby monkeys are
  • Ariel on August 28
    I’m looking for a monkey
  • Ryken spinney on August 28
    Still available??
  • candi slappe on August 28
    i am looking to buy a monkey! i’ve always wanted one and now i have the space finally!
  • melissa a rhodes on August 27
    I like your monkey I was wearing if it was for sale oh and sorry about the late text?
  • Robert Tomphson on August 25
    Hi Im very interested in purchasing a baby squirrel monkey or possibly 2, Please let me know if and when you may have 2 available. Thank you
  • Melanie vega on August 20
    I want a monkey
  • Jannel on August 20
    Looking for a small pet monkey live in Detroit Michigan willing to travel or if you can point me in the direction of someone closer
  • Tiffanie Jordan on August 20
    please contact me need a pet monkey
  • Kelly on August 11
    Stop advertising, emailed you three times and not one response, good luck.
  • eli on August 11
    how much money for it
  • courtney on August 9
    i can you tell me how much this is
  • Private Commenter on August 7
    I'm interested in this 5 week old monkey. how do I get him/her?
  • Joseph Sewell on August 4
    Would like to buy
  • Krishna Patel on August 4
    Hi, i want to know price for monkey.