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  • Name: Panhandle Exotics
  • Posted: 08/08/2020
  • Phone: 18505424410
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  • Location: Florida
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Only a few skunks left for this year! Get yours today!

$450 - $550

Financing is available if needed. For instant approval, apply online at

Ground Transportation is available to any LEGAL state. For information, visit



  • Crystal Coulter on September 15
    Hi I want one please. I live in california rosamond. Kern county right next door to mojave desert.
  • Pamela Johansen on September 5
    can you please tell me what shipping would be i am in MICHIGAN and it It's legal to have a pet skunk. What are more friendly male or females how much shots to they need. If you have more information for me to read before I buy please let me know. Thank you Pamela
  • Courtney mccolloch on September 2
    Hi there- wondering if you have any baby skunks currently available?
  • Falisitie Powell on August 26
    I’m very interested!
  • Shannya Andrade on August 25
    Hi there I’m interested in purchasing a baby skunk I have the licensed but having trouble finding a place that sells them you still have any left
  • Laura Button on August 23
    I would plow to purchase a baby skunk!
  • Joe on August 16
    Are they still for sale
  • Eric Holloway on August 15
    Do you have any spotted for sale? Thanks
  • Cody ellison on August 14
    Would you arrange transportation to dallas? Would the “stink” gland be removed?
  • Destiny Walker on August 10
    How much would it cost to be transported to Wyoming? is there a baby male available? my grandfather has always wanted a baby skunk and he’s really sick so i’m trying to make his dream come true before his time runs out.
  • Destiny on August 10
    How much would it cost to get one to Cody wyoming. is there a baby male available?
  • connie powell on August 9
    i am a previous owner my beloved daisey passed away a few months ago she was 10 years old she passed and it was natural causes but in my heart she is with me. i would love to have another baby