Sweet Hedgehog Hogletts

Sweet Hedgehog Hogletts

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  • Name: KyTy Critters
  • Posted: 04/14/2021
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  • Location: Missouri
  • Website: http://www.kytycritters.com
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Baby Hedgehogs!!!

We offer lifetime support for any questions or concerns you have!!!!

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  • Krista on October 20
    Lily and Makayla, visit the website. You'll see a hedgehog is between 200-300. I visited the website and it has a slew of information. Very well maintained and has a lot of information. Very great website, Kyty!
  • Carolina on September 25
    Hello my name is Carolina and I think your hegeghog hoglets are so cute I want one but if you already found a home for them that’s fine I will just look for more.PS I will needed shipping cause I live in Severn md. From,Carolina
  • Lily on September 24
    How much would one Hedge hog be?
  • Makayla Greene ward on August 31
    How much does one of them cost