Fennec Fox Babies For Sale

Fennec Fox Babies For Sale

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  • Name: Ashley Duncan
  • Posted: 08/03/2021
  • Location: Texas
  • ID #62395
Fennec Fox kits, Bottle raised at our Ranch in Kingsbury Texas.

Pickup your baby here, care and food included.


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  • kamern on April 12
    i live in america can you bring a female one to me if you still have one and how much would one female be????
  • Jason on March 15
  • Kaos lakey on February 25
    What the ticket on a fennec fox
  • Giovanni on February 21
    How much is for a baby?
  • Emma Griffin on February 20
    how much are the babies
  • Morgan Mullinax on February 20
    Can I get more information please(:
  • Kaden Marks on February 8
    How much does it cost?! We will take it for $50!
  • Kaden Marks on February 4
    How much is he. if he's $50 we will take him.
  • sasha on February 2
    i love fennec foxes
  • Mihail on January 26
    Il take it if it's possible to be 2000/1500dollars
  • Mihail on January 26
    If u have one how much does it cost? i realy want one to surprise my mom!
  • Mihail on January 26
    Hello!i heard you have a fenec fox for sale?
  • Sundee hunt on January 25
    What kind of baby foxes will you be getting and prices please.
  • Zinae D Holmes on January 22
    How much r u selling for
  • stephen dabney on January 12
    hi i like to know if you fox is for sale if they are how much will they be
  • Peter on January 12
    how much $$$
  • Valerie on January 2
    Info on fox
  • Kylis on December 11
    What’s the best offer you’ll take
  • Anonymous on December 4
    How much are they
  • Brandon Lovell on December 1
    Do you still have a male kit available? If so, how much?
  • Donald Copeland on November 30
    How much do one of the babies cost interested in purchasing one
  • Jennah Honore on November 29
    I would love details on this cutie
  • Conner on November 27
    are they for sale
  • Annie on November 17
    How much is for one baby fennec fox?