Parent Raised Fennec Foxes

Parent Raised Fennec Foxes

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  • Name: Ryan Blakley
  • Posted: 11/20/2020
  • Location: Texas
  • ID #62523
I have a litter of 1 male and 2 female Fennec Foxes available. They were born Sept 3, 2020 and are parent reared. and have been separated and are being socialized.

$2500 each

Please check your state regs prior to contacting me.


Ryan Blakley

Walter's World of Pets/ Wild Ryno Inc.

3020 34th St. Lubbock, TX 79410


USDA 74-B-0348


  • Susan rodgers on February 28
    Hello. I live in Florida and am a hospital administrator for an exotics vet clinic. Do you still have a baby available? Thank you. How do you deliver? I can fly to pickup my baby if need be. Or send a driver. Or a flight nanny. Just need to know which you would rEcommend. Thank you! Susan Rodgers
  • Nichole K. Enos on February 8
    Hi I was wondering if you still had any female fennec foxes left? Thank you
  • Nichole K. Enos on February 8
    Hi, do you still have any female fennec foxes?
  • Chuck Nobody on January 9
    Hello, I'm looking for a young socialized fennec fox, to be an emotional support animal for an adult high functioning autistic male. He is quite fascinated with fennec foxes, and has been researching them and there care for years. We are in texas and located near fort hood. I would be interested in more information as to the purchasing/adopting of a fennec fox from you.
  • Jade Walker on November 30
    I am super interested in this fox, so adorable, I just moved to Michigan and would love to add a new addition to the family.