Silver/red fox kits

Silver/red fox kits

Price: $250.00
Getting excited about our 2021 season. We are a licensed breeder living in northern Illinois. we have been raising and breeding fox for 8 years. These photos are from our 2020 litters. The kits are normally born in March/April.. We are starting our list for serious buyers. *note the babies will not be born until March/April.

Keep in mind if you are interested in being a first time fox owner, make do research, also check with your county/state to see what permits you will need. As with any animal the more time you spend with them the better pet you will have. There will be a deposit to have your name on our pre order list. We have no guarantee on sex or color until they are born. We have done an amazing job of getting buyers what they have asked for. Another fun fact about fox is they only breed once a year. If you are truly interested now is the time to get one because its a once a year thing.

We do not ship the fox anywhere, we are willing to travel to meet but will not drive more than an hour one way. Texting is the best way to start but email works. thanks for looking


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