Cute Wolf Hybrids For Sale

Cute Wolf Hybrids For Sale

Price: $875.00
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  • Name: Rachal Fuller
  • Posted: 05/12/2021
  • Phone: 9105681306
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  • Location: North Carolina
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We have a litter of wolf hybrid puppies born on March 29, 2021. Out of a litter of 6, we have 2 boys and two girls still available. The sire is a Malamute/Tundra wolf mix, and he is huge. The mother is a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. We are the owners of both the mother and father, and each are pictured above.

These pups are only 33 days old, and they are all over 5 pounds already. These will be big dogs! They will all be at least 65 pounds and bigger. They have been kept inside and have been hand raised by not just their mother, but by myself and my husband, along with our 4 children. They have also been socialized with the other animals in our home. When they are ready to leave, they will be going with their first round of shots, and a small bag of food for each.

These puppies all have amazing temperaments, and are extremely intelligent. Both mom and dad come from lines that have had other pups used as service animals/military service. They will be extremely loyal and protective. Both mom and dad are amazing animals and go with us everywhere. Please be prepared to answer some questions if you decide you are interested. These pups, no matter how adorable, need to go to homes that are prepared for the responsibility that comes along with having a wolf dog. They need to go to homes that have a fence and plenty of room for them to run. No apartments. They will need to be exercised daily. They need to go to homes that have the time that it will take to train and socialize them properly.

We prefer to sell to homes that have had experience with these kinds of dogs. Please do your research. If not raised properly, they will become destructive when bored, and have a tendency to run. We have raised them with lots of love and care and will be an amazing member to the right families.

Call or Text (Text preferred because Mon-Friday, I am a preschool teacher)

Rachal 910.568.1306

Brandon 910.624.7536

Please do not call after 8 pm. (Text ok)


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