High Content Wolf pup

High Content Wolf pup

Price: $3,500.00
(Updated 9.12.21)

Only for sale for one more month!
One pup born Apr. 07 2021 (5 months) for sale:

Drogo: White phase Alaskan Interior male.

Dam weighs around 80lbs. 70% content.
Sire (last photo) weighs 160 currently, but grandsire weighs in 250+, on track to make Guinness records. Wild caught, pending Embark.

Expecting Drogo to make 140-160lbs.

He is likely to carry as much saddle as his sire, maybe even more. Possible carrier of red gene.

Drogo is very friendly, outgoing, and curious. He shows interest in greeting new people and is very affectionate and playful with people he knows. Well socialized to running vehicles, air traffic, tractors, noise of construction and power tools. Some desensitizing socialization with cats and poultry. Started on leash training.

Buyer must have appropriate containment. Experience with HC preferred. Approved homes only.

Please message for more details and photos.


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