Rares rats (Canada)

Rares rats (Canada)

Price: $70.00
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  • Name: carol-anne
  • Posted: 11/22/2022
  • Location: Vermont
  • ID #72859
Hi, I have many rares rats for sale. I have for now rat chocolate color, pearl color, merle, marten. All them are 70$ each. But the merle is 120$ each. I will have two litters of dwarf rats soon. The price is in CAN.

I can ship pets by airplane everywhere in Canada. I live near to Montreal. I specialize in rares pets. On this website, we can put a lot of pictures. So you can text me, and I can send you more pictures.

I have at home, dwarf rats in many color, and I have many rares kind of rats : harley, silvermane, marten, fawn, odd eyes, coffee, velveteen, merle.


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