Wolf-Husky. TSUNAMI

Wolf-Husky. TSUNAMI

Mid content female wolf-husky. Born on august 14th, 2023. Father is a high content timber wolf dog with a small percentage of German Shepherd. Mom is a pure white Syberian Husky. First litter for this two who are in their prime. Hand fed during the day. Mom fed at night.

Father is extremely affectionate and robust. He has never barked or been agressive to any human. He is almost 100 pounds and 25"inches to the shoulder. Does not grow fleas or ticks(even though other farm animals are under tick quarantine in the area). He has amber eyes that turn green at night because of his wolf night vision. The vast majority of his looks and behaviors are wolf-like. The only German Shepherd I've noticed are his ears and the fact that he is very obedient.

Mom is more like a model Husky(not the ordinary looking one). 100% white, hazel eyes and athletic body. Stays close to home or his owner. Takes the Simparica trio to prevent ticks or fleas. Very healthy and extremely agile.

They both run every morning in the city outskirts next to bodies of water like lakes, bayous, resacas etc.. which they sometimes enter. They eat raw food and premium dry food from the feed store (30% protein, 20% fat).

They've been bottle fed a breeder's formula diet since day one. Unlike powder milk, fresh ingredients include goat's milk, liver broth, Greek yoghurt, raw egg yolks, honey, special puppy multivitamins with vanilla flavor etc... It is much healthier and more flavorful. Weaning process started in the beginning of 3rd week with the breeder's formula plus premium performance puppy dry food mixed into one.

Can send plenty of pictures and videos if interested.

She is $1,000.00


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