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  • Posted On: 06/08/2023
  • Title: Looking to adopt a spider monkey or other species
  • Name: Michelle Lewis
  • Location: HOPEWELL, Virginia
  • I'm looking to adopt a spider monkey looking for a home and open to other species I'm no stranger to primates I've worked with alot of them I've fostered many babies and I owned a vervet. I can pay an adoption fee but only a fraction of what i do know they are worth. I can discuss that. I can offer a very in-richment loving home where your baby will thrive and always be with a family member and never left alone. I'm a retired parrot and dog rescue and I absolutely love animals. Please give me a opportunity to love another monkey. This has always been a dream to have and the one time i got my dream come true she turned out to be a sick babygirl but those 4 years were precious to me. I really hope theres someone out there who could make my dream come true again.and for the countless scammers contacting me. Your wasting your time i know scams .I won't be your victim. Thank you in advance. I will do a contract for a payment plan as well if anyone will give me the chance.
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