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  • Posted On: 08/01/2020
  • Title: Cusimanse
  • Name: Jeffrey Doth
  • Location: landrum, South Carolina
  • Cusimanses are small mongooses from West Africa. They have a slender body with short legs and a short tail. They are a social animals and do well in captivity. Their diet is carnivorous. They eat a high protien dry kitten food or ferret chow as a main diet in captivity. We give ours mice and insects for treats. These I imported myself in January and they are acclimating very well. Although limited, I still have some unrelated pairs and trios. They are friendly (not tame), but curious and entertaining to watch. They breed well in captivity having 3-5 babies at a time. These are young adults and juveniles.

    We have a very limited number of these curious little creatures available now. Only 2 pair left!!
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