Danielle Gnidziejko

  • Email: danielle@mylittlesugarglider.com
  • Phone: 928-846-2501
  • Website: www.Mylittlesugarglider.com
  • Address: Lake Havasu City
  • Sugar Gliders from USDA Breeder

    I have been owned by these exotics since 1997. All of my gliders are bred carefully with a minimum of 5 generations on each side (usually much more), to prevent genetic defects due to inbreeding. If gliders are bred without this pedigree information, there is a chance they will carry genetic defects. Just one like relative within the first 4 generations can cause major issues with the joeys.

    I breed for temper as well as beauty.

    My gliders are all weaned on the vet approved HPW Original diet along with fruits, veggies and a small amount of Pet Pro Supreme as a filler only.

    I am all about proper education with these little ones. I will work with you so that they can reach their potential life goal of 10 to 12 years or more. I will also support with bonding and any other issues once you have them home. These are exotic animals and they do need time to bond to the new owners and get used to their new home. Once a trust bond is established, the little bit of work you put in will be well worth it.

    I can deliver as far as Phoenix, Flagstaff, Las Vegas and points in between (by appointment), for a gas fee. Shipping is available with United or Delta Airlines at buyer's expense.

    My website is very educational and I have other files I can send you. If you are interested in any of my gliders, please contact me. There is some information on the web that is misleading about sugar gliders. I do have an application that is designed to help me weed out what you may have learned that may be incorrect, and what I can teach you to help make you a confident glider parent.

    Minors, please make sure your parent's are handy for me to talk to. I will need their consent and their clear understanding about sugar gliders, before I can proceed to work with you.

    Yours in Marsupials,

    Danielle G.
    USDA Breeder
    Lake Havasu City, AZ
    Since 1997


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