Wolfdog Wolf Hybrid Puppies

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  • Phone: 916-670-2534
  • Address: Sacramento
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    Please know these puppies are Wolfdogs, they are not an easy breed, they are known as an exotic type of animal. I need you to do your research on this breed and what they require. They will be sold on a spay and neuter contract to good homes, breeding rights are only available to qualified people. Microchipping, Age appropriate shots, And dewormer will be given and heartworm prevention medicine. We will be screening you to make sure you have proper knowledge, containment, and have owned one before, Lineage is available also from sire. Please know this is not a cheap or easy breed to own. We are in Sacramento.... Can meet up to some locations in Northern/Central California with a small gas charge if farther than 50 miles otherwise no fee.


    Sire: Sasky-
    He is a Mid content wolfdog with lineage, he's had an embark DNA testing 55% Gray wolf which is a Mid Content. he also is German shepherd, Siberian Husky, Alaskan malamute. There are zero risk factors and zero carriers of the 160 known bad genes. he is 29 inches at the shoulder and weighs 86 Lbs. He is not an Alpha Male. He is Loving, Laid back and a lover boy. He came from a reputable breeder of 22 years.

    Dam: Sasha-
    Siberian Husky, She weighs 45-50 pounds, 22 inches at shoulder. Very friendly and outgoing. Great temperament. She is sweet as can be, Beautiful and well mannered. Never has shown any sign of aggression. No health issues. Can be obedient but is also stubborn.

    Puppies will be held starting the day they are born, as they get older they will be introduced to any animals we have currently, everyone in the household will help train, hold, play with them as well. We start Leash training, We start good habits and they will be potty training. We will not be cage training these puppies. We start massaging their feet so the get used to it, they will be brushed frequently and given frequent baths. We will start clipping nails and cleaning ears as well. Puppies will be kept clean in our household. They will be taught to only chew on their toys we are going to try our best to not start them on those bad habits that are hard to break. They will be in a non smoking household. They will sleep/play indoors. They will be on a high quality puppy food and raw diet which is what they require their whole life.

    They will be taught with voice and hand commands: Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Give, Let go.... maybe more things depending on each Puppy and age.

    Puppy care package are available for small purchase. Without puppy care package- Collar, Leash and vet papers will go home. We Skype/FaceTime people that are interested to show their household, Yard/land and their containment and everything else that is needed. We meet in person before you can come see the puppies as well. The breeding will take place in October-November time. Puppies go start to go home between 8-10 Weeks old. You must have some things that the puppies need if not purchasing the puppy care package.. you must bring when picking up the puppy otherwise I will hold onto him/her. I WILL NOT let these puppies go to irresponsible people. I will hold onto them until I can find them proper homes. You can meet Dam and Sire after you are done filling out the Questionnaire and are eligible to take care of one of my puppies.

    You can either Text me or email me. I do not answer numbers that aren't listed in my contacts just cause of scammers generally. We can schedule a time to talk on the phone if needed.


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