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    True Designer Teacup Piggys Est. 2007

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    De Leon Springs Florida

    Price $500 and up

    💙Yes I can provide you with a great family proven small size health pet piglet for $500 and up

    Please call directly. This is So we can assist you with your search and establish the perfect pet for you and your familys or friends lifestyle - wants and needs. You have finally found us. We are the Tree of Teacup Pig knowledge. We have already established over ten years of Teacup Pigmenship with our premium experience and seasoned guidance all at your fingertips. We are The True Teacup Pig experts. Breeding a small size piggy as a pet. Our family founded the quotes "True Designer teacup piglet" and "Teacup Pigmenship" "Smarter than a dog and Cleaner than a cat". Our piglets already have the sound foundation and are healthy. If you're looking for a little piggy for your family to cherish. We have what you are looking for. Let us match the perfect fit for your next adventure owning a pig as a pet. Let us answer all of your questions or concerns that you may have. Provide you with true facts about this amazing breed of pet. Will gladly send you new current photos of our Now available pets. And honor the pet price that we quoted to suit your budget.

    Please note photos in our gallery are from our personal piggy collection or photos of our piglet parents or their new owners

    The smaller the size of pet piglet expecations obviously the higher their value.

    Some helpful tips

    Feeding. All our piggys are currently eating a solid natural formulated pig food. We like to feed our pigs very well. The size is in the parents. Baby's recommend. At least but no limited to one 8oz cup in the morning one 8oz cup in the evening. Sometimes we feed 3 times a day - ask your vet. Then add in to their diet when they at 6 months and older. At that time offer a plate of salad and or treats as grapes or Cheerios etc. Fresh water. Increase their pellet food as they become older. No dog food. No human food. If they have room to pinch in their tummy area then add more food to their diet. If you can not pinch anything and they look round. In their tummy then lessen their food. Common sense.

    ●Pigs are low maintenance
    ●Allergy free no shedding of hair
    ●Very smart
    ●Clean animals
    ●Potty trainable

    ●No odor when fixed (at 4 months plus age)
    ●Harness trainable
    ●Domestic Pets
    ●Indoor and outdoor lifestyle
    ●Great bloodlines
    ●Bonding occurs within 72 hours
    ●Require similar training and worming (pig wormer only) as too any domestic animals. ●Vet follow up within 48 hours.

    4th smartest animal on our plant

    Teach them to do tricks. They will teach you too. Positive reinforcement and patients are the key to a lifelong best friend with manners.

    Let's get to the Serious Question. Realistic Size

    Size 4 year old adult

    Weight 22 to 36 lbs
    Length 12 - 22 inch
    Height 8 - 14 inchs


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