Brenda and Joe Cali

  • Email:
  • Phone: 330-948-5024
  • Address: Lodi, Ohio
  • Pheasants: Temminck's & Satyr Tragopans, Grey Peacocks, Elliots, Lady Amherst, Red Goldens, Edwards. Muntjac Deer, Southern Flying Squirrels. Jersey wooly, Lionhead & Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. Greenwing Doves.


I have known Brenda and Joe for years. I’ve purchased rabbits and birds and watched them care for their animals as they were family! Don’t hesitate if you’re looking for a flying squirrel, or any other exotic they are offering. You have my word.
In my 30 years of dealing with Brenda and Joe Cali, I have never been associated with a more reputable animal breeding organization. The negative reviews are outrageous and fictitious. Brenda has never sold six flying squirrels to any one person in a single transaction. Ever! This person is lying and I challenge her to prove her claim with receipts and proof of her claims, other than an inflated poor review. Social media is dragging down one of the most reputable breeders in NE Ohio. Prepare to defend your outrageous claims or keep silent.
I bought squirrels from Brenda and still have them to this day. They are wonderful and would buy more form her. She is very kind
Awesome communication. Love the babies. Very healthy. Very informative
Bought a baby squirrel from them and was told babies are healthy and she(brenda has been breeding for 30 years). This is not the case after only 30 days of having my baby squirrel the poor thing was gasping for air rushed to the vet. Ended up having lung disease with swelling in the lungs and have the xrays to prove it! Messaged brenda and she was in complete denial of anything being her fault. She even went as far to tell me that the vet was wrong. The lady is out of her mind, her house was in disarray, she had several litters of puppies running around and i should have known from the odor and the fact she shows no license was a red flag! When asking her several times for the birthdate she did not have that either its all about money with these disgusting money hungry people and they do not care after collecting your money what happens from there. So buyer BEWARE!! She sells sick animals which is being reported to the USDA and wildlife center as well as filing taking her to court.
Bought six flying squirrels from her and within a month of buying them all 6 died of lung disease and the vet specifically said they died due to poor breeding conditions these people are "backyard breeders" and need to be shut down by the USDA