Ashley Smart

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  • Phone: 2765794215
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  • Address: 1314 RUGBY RD
  • We are a small farm nestled high otni the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia. The Yak love the mountain climate here as we are close to Mt. Rogers and Grayson Highlands State Park. We are striving to help promote the Yak as a new alternative multi-purpose livestock and producing some of the friendliest stock on the East Coast!

    Our herd bull is "Runs with Buffalo" from Woods Edge Wools Farm and out of Springbrook Yak Ranch stock! He is an exceptionally built Wooly Native Trim with a perfect set of horns and a nice disposition.

    Our heifers are: "Tashi" a bottle-fed Native Trim that is spokes-person to the public about how wonderful Yak can be along with her pasture friend "Sochi" a Royal Heifer from Yaks of the PA Wilds and our 3rd heifer "M'Nu" is also a Royal.

    We had our first calves just recently and Buffalo really stamps his offspring! Both are heifer calves, one a Native Trim and the other a beautiful Royal.

    Our goal is to provide the East Coast with high quality Yak with good conformation and great dispositions!

    Once you have a Yak you will never go back!


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