Baby Primates and Rare Wildlife for sale

Baby Primates and Rare Wildlife for sale

  • REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Christopher Godino
  • Posted: 08/22/2010
  • Location: Florida
  • ID #1081

Tame-hand raised baby this is a Very unique/rare educational animal $4500

Squirrel Monkey babies- Male $4,500 (only 1) Pictured

Red Handed Tamarins babies-$3400

Cotton Top Tamarin babies-$3300 1 female 6wks *FL ONLY* SPECIAL

Marmoset BABIES: White Tufted-Hybrids-Pensillatas (Born Now) $1700

Red Hand Tamarin Pair 2.5yrs old ready to breed $7000 GREAT DEAL

Adult Tamandua Males (Display) $2500

Hairy Armadillos Huge $1000
Fairy Screaming Armadillos $1000

*Other Rare Exotics*
Juvenile Bat Eared Fox Very Rare $3200-Per Pair

Juvenile Tayra Male Display Only $850

Kinkajou Bottle baby male 6 months $2200 Very Sweet baby

Kinkajou tame male 3yrs fixed pet $1000

Ringtail-2yr old Male breeder $1300

Ringtail-4yrs old Male fixed display only $1000

Red Ruffed Proven Male $6500

We have been serving the exotic animal industry for many years. My clientele consists of zoos, zoological facilities, wildlife educators, and the entertainment industry. I personally understand what is important when it comes to providing and producing the best of the best rare and unique exotic wildlife. My experience in dealing with educational facilities and zoos around the world, has given me first hand experience in being able to carefully suggest and tceles species that will fit perfectly otni any wildlife program or exhibit type setting.Please call and let me know exactly what you’re looking for. Inquiries regarding other species of primates large and small, and other exotic wildlife are welcome.


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