Female Ferret with ALL supplies & extras!!!

Female Ferret with ALL supplies & extras!!!

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  • Name: Megan Lyon
  • Posted: 08/25/2010
  • Location: Ohio
  • ID #1094
We are moving otni an apartment that does not allow any pets and are searching for a good home for our female ferret. She was born in April of 2010 so she is a little over four months old. She knows her name, when she wants to. Her name is Farrah, but you can change it if you want. She is trainable and likes attention. She is very friendly and we are working on her nipping. You can use bitter apple spray when handling her and she'll learn very quickly not to nip at you. She loves playing and is very active.
We are asking $150-$200 for everything but ANY offer is considerable! We paid over $400 for her and everything she comes with so this is a very good deal.

We just really want a good home for her.
This package includes:
-4 month old female ferret
-cage with food dish, water bottle, litter pans, and hanging hammock
-bag of food -huge bag of litter cage
-toys (a big cat size tube, a "scrunch & punch", stuffed elephant, 3 balls)
-big ball you can put her in outside of her cage to run around in
-bitter apple spray (to keep her from chewing)
-half bottle of vitamin pords (go in water once daily)
-Shampoo (bathe her no more than once a month)
-Daily Spritz spray (for her to smell better)
-Healthy Habitat spray (for cage to smell good)
-nail clippers

We also have a birth certificate for her from Ferret Marshall Farms if you want that as well. She was neutered and descented by them as well. She has had all her shots up to date also.

Please contact us with ANY offer, questions, or interests. We really need to find a good home for her ASAP. Thank you.


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