2 yr old Chinchilla

2 yr old Chinchilla

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  • Name: Jessica Flores
  • Posted: 08/28/2010
  • Location: Texas
  • ID #1101
I am selling a 2 yr old chinchilla, i bought flufy for my daughter and i have had to take the responsibility of taking care of him, i really dont have enough time in one day to give him all the attention he needs... I am looking to sell him to someone that does and that will love him... He loves to run around, be carressed, scratched behind the ear... he is very low maintenance... he just needs the attention...

If you are interested please contact me asap..
I am selling him for $150 that includes his food, vitamins, bath tub, 2 story cage metal (worth $200 alone), water bottle, large plastic house for his cage...

If you think your the person that is going to love him and give him that attention than give me a call...

Thanks you,


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