Tamarins and Marmosets for sale! Plus toys

Tamarins and Marmosets for sale! Plus toys

  • REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Posted: 08/28/2010
  • Location: Florida
  • ID #1104
We have a 6 week old Male Cotton Top Tamarin. He is being hand fed every four hour and is very Lovable.
Florida Only 3300.00

We also have 1 Hybrid Marmoset. He is a triple cross breed of a Black tufted, Common, and geoffroyi.

We also have a Pair of Hybrid Marmosets Black tufted and common. They are 5 months old and non related pair can be used for breeding in the future as of now they get along Great!.

Coming Next Month.
mystax tamarins ( Very RARE only breeder in Florida!)
Common Marmosets
Cotton Tops
Also we carry monkey toys and treats for all sizes please visit Roxiethemonkey.com


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