Siberian Lynx - 7yo intact proven male

Siberian Lynx - 7yo intact proven male

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  • Name: Kelliee
  • Posted: 09/13/2010
  • Location: Oregon
  • ID #1165
7 year old, intact proven male, Siberian / Eurasian Lynx. He's on Whole Prey Diet and eats very well. Healthy and sound. I can enter enclosure to clean and he follows me around showing interest in what I am doing. He is not a pet, but a breeder. I simply have too many males presently.

He is human imprinted and not shy and would also make a very good display animal. He is playful and will play with bones, balls, blankets and leaps for toys swung on a pole. He chuffs, grunts, mews, and is an all around "talker."

Shipping available.
Make sure you can own an animal of this nature and have Veterinarian that will work with larger cats BEFORE you contact me.

He has gotten along famously with every female I have ever put him with. Sort of an all around Ladies Man.

I prefer to sell him singly and you pair him with your female, but I can make a pair if you need it, but will not part with more than 1 female at this time.


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