• REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Michelle
  • Posted: 07/09/2009
  • Location: Ohio
  • ID #124
Beautiful Black Phase Gray Squirrel for sale for $75 OBO, trade for female Dilute/White Siberian Chipmunk or male Short Tailed Opossum or female Southern Flying Squirrel.

She is captive born and bred but not tame. She is about 1 year old. Eating rodent blocks, seeds, nuts, veggies, some fruits and more. I feed her by following this diet plan and want the same for her next home: http://www.healthyblocks.com/diet.html

She will need a large cage (not included).If you are able to build a cage that you yourself could fit in, you could probably interact with her better. Please do your research before inquiring.

In the state of Ohio you must have a permit to own native animals to ensure animals aren't being taken from the wild. I can provide the permit number from the previous owner as well as mine. If you are out of state please let me know your laws and provide proof. My Wildlife officer will keep track of where they go, no exceptions.

No shipping but I can meet. Any questions just ask.


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