breeding trio of Bennett Wallabies

breeding trio of Bennett Wallabies

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  • Name: KC
  • Posted: 12/13/2008
  • Location: New Jersey
  • ID #13
I have a breeding trio of Bennett Wallabies. One male and 2 females, about 3-4 years of age. The male is the sweetest one of the bunch, he'll eat from your hands and does come out for a visit at times. The females are a bit timid, but will come up for a sniff. These are breeders. I have them eating Happy hopper, along with hay, and apples and carrots. The females might also have joeys in the pouch.

I also have a male Raccoon that was bottle fed. He does prefer women over men. Takes a bit of time for him to warm up to you. I am going to suggest that he goes to a female care taker. He will be much happier. He's a little over a year old.

I have also a breeder pair of Coatimundi's, the female is as sweet as can be, she mostly stays out of her cage. She's harness trained, loves kids, they don't get any sweeter then her. She's about 5 years old. The male is a bit more shy, but will gently take things from your hands.

The most important thing, is these animals go to good homes. That means that who ever e-mails me about these animals, has done research or even better has experience.
Serious offers only please!!!!

I do have 4 Kinkajou breeders that I am also thinking about selling.
For my info e-mail me here:


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