House Pet Quality, Puppy Tame Tamandua

House Pet Quality, Puppy Tame Tamandua

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  • Name: Kelliee
  • Posted: 10/07/2010
  • Location: Oregon
  • ID #1307

This guy is the best of the best! He does it all. Mr. Mandua follows my 7 year old daughter around like a puppy dog and let's her pick him up and carry him wherever; wears harness & leash set; plays with his humans; bathes, and is a limp rag when you pick him up and carry him (once he trusts his human and is in non-stressful environments of course).

Mr. Mandua has been used in more Educational Programs at my facility than I can count, has gotten two of my personal females preggers and is currently giving semen samples for AI of PuaTamandua at

He is converted to the raw beef diet and is currently weighing in at a hefty 18 pounds! He is a young adult male, having this year become just old enough that he is actively breeding (and boy is he! (*LOL*).

If you have ever wanted an anteater as a pet (and are 100% committed because as "pets" they need their daily walks and/or "playtime" just like a domestic dog) or Educational Programs Ambassador this is the guy to get.

$1500 ($200 shipping, includes anteater proof crate, Health Cert., Import Permit(s)) If you live locally, you are welcome to pick him up in person at my facility in Oregon.

Here are some photos and videos of him.


My 7 year old daughter picking up Mandua

Mr. Mandua eating raw beef diet

Mr. Mandua in the Yard Ant Farming & meeting the work crew:

PHOTOS (by TamanduaGirl)


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