Large male bennettes wallaby for sale or trade

Large male bennettes wallaby for sale or trade

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  • Name: Kiki
  • Posted: 12/17/2008
  • Location: Washington
  • ID #15
Large male bennettes wallaby for sale or trade. Has produced 3 joeys with late mate. If I can get another female for a good price I would buy another female for him instead of selling him, but I haven't been able to find one. I am asking $800 OBO for this guy. He is semi tame, doesn't like to be petted but will come up and sniff ya or let you pet him when he's eating (once he knows you!) Will trade for tame/semi tame breeding pair of coatis or genets (or other small exotics.) Or will outright buy a female bennetts for him to go with if you have an OLDER BREEDER one available at a reasonable price.

Very good home 50ft enclosure with 8ft by 10ft house stocked with hay and has heatlamps during winter months.

I feed mazuri macropod feed, apples, carrots and other fruit & veggie as treats. Thank you for your time!


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