baby vested tamanduas

baby vested tamanduas

  • REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Kris DeRose
  • Posted: 12/08/2010
  • Location: Michigan
  • ID #1632
Baby tamanduas for sale small little babies! Imports straight from Paraguay! They are NOT on the Raw beef diet and they are eating a kibble diet. I recommend changing the diet to the raw beef diet! they will be dewormed before being shipped to you.

Asking Price $4900.00

Please email me at or

I do websites and a care sheet on tamanduas if you need more information as well

Tamanduas must be shipped to you! Shipping is extra!

Kristopher DeRose,
Customer Relations
.Kelliee Caron
Zoological Propagation & Education
USDA 92-B-0248



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