• REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Leslie Rush
  • Posted: 08/25/2009
  • Location: Florida
  • ID #202
Bottle baby joeys with a minimum of 3 months socializing and desensitizing. If you are considering buying a kangaroo as a pet please be a responsible pet owner and get some handling on him/ her first. I have pet roos, and they take a LONG time to socialize and desensitize to be able to live a happy a healthy life in a human environment. They are a wild animal and have wild instincts that can actually kill them if overly stressed. I am a trainer and have the ability to desensitize them to a number of stressors.. dogs, tractors, lawn mowers etc. All these things can totally stress your roo out to a point of devestation. They are wonderful animals, and sweet lovable pets... with a lot of handling! Prices with depend upon breed, sex and amount of training you want on him/her.


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