Baby Primates and Exotic Animals

Baby Primates and Exotic Animals

  • REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Posted: 03/06/2011
  • Location: Florida
  • ID #2055

-Squirrel Monkey Male 7-Months Old (Semi-Tame) $2800 *Pictured*
-Squirrel Monkey Male 6months old Hand Raised (Very Sweet) $4300 *Pictured*
-Paraguayan Tamandua Lesser Anteater Juvenile Pair Established $6000 *Pictured*
-Paraguayan Three Banded Armadillo (Tame Young) Female $1000
-Paraguayan Three Banded Armadillo (Young Black Pair-RARE) $2700-Pair
-Paraguayan Three Banded Armadillo (Adults): Male $750/Female $850/Pair $1500

(*USDA/STATE LICENSED FACILITY*)has been serving the exotic animal industry for over a decade.Our clientele consists of private hobbyist's,zoological facilities, wildlife educators, and the entertainment industry.We personally understand what is important when it comes to providing and producing the best of the best rare and unique exotic wildlife. Our adventures in dealing with educational facilities and zoos around the world, has given us first hand experience in being able to carefully suggest and tceles species that will fit perfectly otni any wildlife program or exhibit setting.Inquiries regarding other species of primates and exotic wildlife/fauna large and small are welcome.


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