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  • Name: Jennifer Guerra
  • Posted: 10/26/2009
  • Location: Texas
  • ID #271
Extremely tame adult Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) available.

This Hyena was originally DNA sexed as a male but it has since been reported by experts that this is not a 100% reliable method so he is being sold as sex-unknown. "He" was an early 2007 cub, putting him at just shy of 3 years of age. He was bottle fed from two weeks post-birth and remains very human-oriented and sociable. He loves to be scratched all over (especially behind and in his ears) and will curl up in your lap if you sit down with him in his enclosure.

This is an excellent chance to get an amazing, tame adult Spotted Hyena for your zoo, educational park, or conservational breeding program. Hyenas have been reported to live up to 40 years in captivity and can take years to mature sexually, so you will have a head start with this "guy" as opposed to pouring thousands of dollars in food and other expenses otni raising a baby to achieve the same or lesser results (most babies do not remain this handleable and interactive at adulthood).

This is not a dominant animal so if you already have an established Spotted Hyena clan it would be imperative that introduction be made slowly and ample space and retreats provided for acclimation. If you are just starting a clan or want to keep a single animal this would be the perfect animal for your beginnings! He has never bitten nor displayed any signs of aggression towards keepers or conspecifics.

The best offer from qualified individuals/facilities will get him. Please inquire to Info@JungleGemsExotics.com for more details and after careful screening (I will ask for credentials as well as planned enclosure, husbandry, and dietary details so be prepared) I will put you in direct contact with the park. I am not selling this Hyena myself but am assisting in qualifying potential buyers for his relocation for the educational park where he resides with the rest of their Spotted Hyena clan.

Local pickup in New Braunfels or you must pay for and arrange shipping. USDA and dangerous wildlife (if applicable) permits are a must! Please do not write asking me about licensing and general care information. If you are too lazy to discern this information for yourself from the vast resources at your disposal then I will not even consider you as a potential buyer.

I look forward to talking with seriously interested parties and getting an excellent start on finding this magnificent animal the best-suited permanent home.


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