• REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: double r exotics
  • Posted: 02/16/2010
  • Location: Missouri
  • ID #479
7 month old male bactrian,used in petting zoo.$6000.Tame himalayan tahr male,10 months old broke to lead $1000.Tame aoudad females,winter hardy broke to lead,load and tie $1000 each. Red dutch belted bull $500.Borneo bearded sow, 3 years old and tame $3000. Black and white spotted painted desert ram,adult $300.6 year old dromedary gelding,green broke,gave about 12000 rides from sep thru jan,call for price.male petting zoo alpaca $100.Minature donkey jenny with baby jack on her side $400 for pair.Big boer goat wether trained to walk on barrel,shakes and other tricks,weighs over 250,$350


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