TICA Chausies & Jungle Cat Hybrids F1-F2-F3

TICA Chausies & Jungle Cat Hybrids F1-F2-F3

TICA Chausies & F1-F3 Chausie Jungle Hybrids. Big Beautiful & Wonderful temperaments! We are Licensed & Our Fur kids are Family & Well behaved ~Always Indoors & do not require/nor use cages. Our males do hike and enjoy inside outside access; and all travel as well. Genetic Guarantees. Companion & Occasionally Full Registration available. USDA & TICA Registration.

Wait Lists Forming -Requires confirming ownership is legal in your State & deposit to hold a kitten or on wait list guarantees a Kitten within the year.

Delta Insured Hand Carried Available to Airports with the USA that connect to Atlanta.

For Wait List; you will be pre screened & Notified upon confirmed pregnancies @ Birth and selection is in order of wait list starting @ 4th week. Weekly updates Occur w/photos. Final payment due week shipping is confirmed or upon pick up. 9 years experience. We have Excellent Success as placements as Pet Companion / Emotional Support & Travel companion providers ;or beloved family pets. We will help you decide what is best for your time/energy level schedule or help you prepare for what you want (if) need be. We are in the Medical Field; and Animal Behaviorist that Provide & deal with Children-Elderly-Autistic-Handicap w/great success and placements. Size ranges are dependent on Both sized Jc & one F3 stud is a semi fertile male we created. The other is from record setting lineages. Colors are Typical JC Ticked; TICA Standard Colors Ticked Brown-Spotteds-Black Tip-Black Grizzled & Occasionally one Line offers RARE Blue frost Tips/Fawn/Red Ticked. Internationally these are Requested though not TICA colors yet; non standard registered.

Males average 24 up to 32lbs & Females range 19 up to 26lbs with proper diet we recommend & exercise.

Serious Inquires Only please!

We report scammers.


  • Corbin on July 26
    Hello I was wondering how much you were offering?
  • Yvon Croteau on July 24
    Good evening, I am looking for F2 jungle cat. I ad one 6 years ago and I know how nice these cats are. How much are you sale the F1, F2.