Teenage female Wolfdog

Teenage female Wolfdog

Price: $1,500.00
Raegal is 1 1/2 yo quirky teenager. Very good with children & other dogs. Shy around men at first but warms up fast if you have treats. She knows sit, stay commands and is house trained, crate trained and has free roam outside in our fenced in yard. Must have proper in closure bcuz this girl can jump. She loves to swim and likes to be showered in head scratches and belly rubs. She is considered low mid content so still required a lot of attention and exorcise it she will chew when she’s bored.

It’s on vaccines, rabies, flea/tick treatment/ dewormer.

Rehoming due to new baby on the way. Must have enclosure if planning to keep outside and absolutely NO CHAINS! Price is negotiable to new home.


  • Barbi Deer on September 20
    Am extremely interested owned pure red wolf am experienced on how to handle
  • Michael on September 4
    Can I purchase the white one?
  • Michael on September 4
    Can you ship it to Guam?
  • Michael on September 4
    can I still perches this dog
  • Jones Jeff on July 28
    Is she still available