Liver wolfdog

Liver wolfdog

Price: $800.00
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  • Name: Desiree
  • Posted: 02/12/2021
  • Location: Indiana
  • ID #63605
I have an intact 4 year old liver colored male wolfdog to re-home. He has been embarked and is 65% wolf with Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Alaskan Malamute. While he isn't an escape artist he will still need proper fencing.

He would need a female companion.

Location is Nashville, Indiana


  • David on May 13
    Is he still available?
  • CR on April 13
    Have you considered rehoming to a sanctuary. There are 11 in the us.
  • Jaden collinson on March 28
    what type of fencing do you prefer?
  • Kristian Johnson on March 13
    How much is he
  • gunner on March 11
    is it a boy or girl
  • Anonymous on March 5
    Oh my gosh he is absolutely gorgeous! I was hoping it was a female. I have a full 100% artic wolf a male Please make his new owners know that they don’t do well in hostile or aggressive environments my wolf friend “Bolt “ is so tame very independent but so loving and very protective. When there is a scent he gets that he doesn’t like he will come sit on top of me until the whatever it is goes away. He isn’t aggressive about it when he sits on me Gentle. He’s a love. I enjoy his picture thank you
  • Jon Allyn on February 23
    Hi. I have a neutered Dogo/American bulldog and I cand get a female for him. Thanks. Jon