• REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Tammie Sebastian
  • Posted: 05/04/2010
  • Location: Texas
  • ID #655
I have one female White Rhino for sale. She is 6 years old, has a 28" horn, and has already produced a calf for me. She is almost 5 feet at the shoulder, over 3,000 lbs, and her horn should continue to grow. Her female calf is being bottle fed right now and I am offering her up to sale. She is not tame, but not aggressive towards people. She would rather flee than fight. She would be a perfect breeder or exotic pet. I'm asking $24,500 for her. She eats water grass and brush you have, along with Mazuri® ADF-#16 Herbivore Diet, and I add Emcelle - Tocopherol supplement to her water.


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