sugar gliders

sugar gliders

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  • Name: Ashley Gassaway
  • Posted: 07/05/2021
  • Phone: 8707317007
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  • Location: Arkansas
  • ID #65722
i currently have 3 sugar gliders for sale in NE AR.

one standard female, 3 yrs old.

one standard male, neutered, 2 yrs old.

one blondie male, intact, 8 months


  • Linda Starlett Despain R.N on October 6
    I just made a comment but it's not showing up yet. I have a registered female but I've lost the male after I bought him. I've been up all night because she is so lonely. I think it was my fault that I lost the mail because he got too heavy. I've had Exotics most of my life. And I always blamed myself or any problems. I have a double glider cage that I have to put together with the wheels. How much do you want for each of your gliders? And are they registered? I live by Eureka Springs Arkansas so I know you you lived in east Arkansas. I understand no shipping during this pandemic. If I don't purchase another baby I will have to find her a place that she'll be happier. I hate it but I'd rather her be happy than me.
  • Markie ANDERSON on August 18
    Iam looking for another sugar glider have one that is pretty lonely