• REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: kristopher DeRose
  • Posted: 05/04/2010
  • Location: Michigan
  • ID #659
--Sugar gliders--
Constance 100% albino het -$1000
WHite mosaic male NON BREEDER ONLY-$400
Platinum Male 50-66% albino het as well $3500
Plat males het sister $1000 (looks like albino het)
50-66% albino het male $500( good match for the two female albino hets above)
Noel and Nunu wf 50% albino het and 25% albino het pair $750
33% albino het female wf - $300
25% leu het wf male $200
Pickle and Engima NORMAL MALE and LEU female- 1500
Xavier Stephi Mylie mosaic male and 2 wf 50% leu het females they make wonderful babies some amazing white or platinum mosaics. 2400
James and Sable Mosaic male 50% leu het and sable a 100% leu het female James produced my male mosaic with a HUGE patch on his right hip and sable is his new mate... I am asking 2000 for them. they do have a baby in pouch if not sold before baby in pouch the baby will be sold separate...
Charon and Girls... CHaron is a cremeino het that is also a wf his three girls are mother who is a 50% wf cino het and her two daughters who are a wf and normal 100% cino het I am asking 3000 for them
Two Cinos male and female out of quad above. 2500 for male and 2750 for female
one 50% het for cino male 400.
2 66% cino hets wfs one male one female 600 each
one 66% normal female 500
Billy Miya , Wf leu het male leu het female 900 All have platinum in their lines.
Kaspian wf wt het male has produced wts 250
Arielle wf leu het female (sister to billy) has plat in lines 500
Mosaic male 1350
66% albino het male and female (ask for lineage) 800 each
WHITE MOSAIC 100% CREMEINO HET MALE! 3500 for him good lineage!
He has a sister too she is 100% cino het and she is 900
Herman and his quad Herman is an albino with 3 normal females I am asking 5000 for them One female has joeys ip and if oop before sold then either I will sell or we can talk.
Herman also has 4 100% pure hets oop 2 males 1500 each and 2 females 1800 each

If you are interested then please call or email me at 517 449 2793 or email Kristopherderose@yahoo.com PRICES ARE NOT SET IN STONE!


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