BABY Capybara

BABY Capybara

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  • Name: World Exotics Inc.
  • Posted: 08/31/2021
  • Phone: 239-774-5031
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Florida
  • Website:
  • ID #66742
Baby Capybara is doing great please email for more info.

Thank you,

World Exotics, Inc.


  • Juliette Hockfelder on December 5
    Is it still for sale
  • Sam Zwart on November 24
    how much
  • Keegan Headlee on November 2
    I want it give me give me give me give me give me give me
  • Felix Ortiz on October 26
  • Kaylee on October 25
    I would like this sweet baby <3
  • Barett Damron on October 13
    i love him. How much?
  • connor on October 13
    glad to see he is doing well
  • Albert Aretz on October 8
    how do i know the price for these? im cosnidering buying. thanks.
  • Nick Tyrrell on October 2
    Hello, I am interested in this animal? How much ?
  • Chahira Alhasawi on October 1
    Hello, I was looking to inquire in buying this Capybara internationally.
  • beauregarde on September 29
    very nice, i like :D
  • anyomous on September 29
    how much does this cutie cost?
  • Declan Mccarthy on September 26
    how much for capybaraA?
  • Jesus Llamas on September 24
    whats the price?
  • Phil on September 16
    how much s capybabrer
  • caiman j on September 7
    i need it
  • xxcapybaralover_69xx on September 3
    is this baby capybara still available? If so, do you ship to Wisconsin? I have 3000$ to spare on the baby Capybara, so they will be in good hands.
  • cesar on September 2
    what price does it range too