Potbelly Piglets

Potbelly Piglets

Male & Females available.

9 weeks old.

More will ready late October to leave mom.


  • Boris on January 11
    Can I have a free sample
  • Sherry Robertson on December 5
    Oh my god the pot belly pig adorable my mom would want this one for real
  • Sherry Robertson on December 5
    Oh my god I fell in love with the finger monkey I want a loveable cute finger monkey and I want it to be good looking with a great personality. Please Santa can I have one please I promise to love and take care of it. Just look at them how could you not just want to have your own. God I pray for a finger monkey to become my family
  • Brittany on November 9
    hi would I be able to get the female one please for my little sister
  • kelsie on October 21
    how much id this pig for... I always wanted one... So I can have a friend...
  • Ashley on October 6
    how much do they potbelly piglets cost?