2 mid content and 1 high content in need of home

2 mid content and 1 high content in need of home

  • Name: Kayla
  • Posted: 12/05/2021
  • Phone: 5414209164
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Oregon
  • ID #68086
Now that I'm on my own I have to be less selfish, I'm struggling to give all my dogs the attention they deserve and can't afford the care with my income. I need to rehome three of my wolfdogs. 2 are my personal dogs and one I got back earlier this year and have been trying to find her perfect home since. Please no judgment as I'm doing the right thing. All will need an experienced home and you must provide proof of experience. You must also have proper containment and live in a legal area. None are fixed(spayed, neutered.)

Thor is 59% wolf. He's sweet but does have wws. He mostly just growls kinda like he's talking. I've had him since he was 3 weeks old. He will be 6 in January.

Aspen is 95% wolf the rest Malamute. She is shy but will warm up to you. She will go to a woman owner only. She loves me very much but shy of others. She will be 3 in March.

Aura is 59% wolf. She has been with me since March of this year. She was raised in the house. She can be with male wolfdogs only. She is a very sweet girl. Sometimes a little too sweet.

We are located in central Oregon. None of these dogs will do good with cats or small critters. For more info message me.


  • Gino on March 17
    I'm up to take them home
  • Jonathon on February 10
    This woman is insincere. She isn't going to rehome them, either the profits mean more to her than the animals or she is so close to these animals, she can't bear to part with them and shouldn't pretend that she will. She is unwilling to accept help from experienced WD owners and seems in, over her head.
  • Dustin on February 1
    Has any of these animals been Embark tested?
  • Bill on January 14
    This is obviously a SCAM ad. I've been inquiring for weeks and the young girl who has these dogs refuses to answer her texts, calls or emails. I think perhaps someone has asked her to reduce the amount of dogs she has, and she's attempting to make it appear she is finding them homes, while ignoring every single inquiry that comes in.
  • Alyssa on January 12
    I’m very Interested!!!
  • Heather on January 8
    Hello, I am very interested in Aspen and Aura. How can I contact you?
  • David on January 1
  • Sage on December 25
    I also wanted to extend my interest to Aura, as well, and Thor, if he is good with another male. Thanks!
  • Ienosente Crawford on December 21
  • Brad on December 10
    Thats just a dog!!!