Mid content wolfdog puppies

Mid content wolfdog puppies

Price: $1,500.00
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  • Name: Diana Brauer
  • Posted: 03/16/2022
  • Location: Texas
  • ID #69391
For sale are mid content timber wolf/German Shepherd puppies. Right now they are 3.5 week old and started to eat solid food week ago.

Mother, Tala, comes from Bear Paw Farm, after Kodiak and Coahuna, that are 30% timber wolf, DNA tested, who breeds them with own line of own white German Shepherds to keep them at 30% wolf level. 

Father, Nanuk, is 68% timber wolf. He came from Wild West Wolfdogs, after Anner and Sterling. He has very wolfy look.

Pups were bottle fed with goat milk since third day to help mom and socialize with human contact. They are handled a lot. Right now they eat ground meat mixed with egg yoilk and goat milk and have Bil and Jac dry food. 

I have five white pups,, two males and three females, and two black females with white spots on the chest. They are built like mom, with more wolfy head of dad and I can see already slanted eyes.

Price 1500 to approved buyers.


  • sage on April 11
    Guess a lot of people won't be getting puppies if you expect answers in the comment section.
  • Diana Brauer on March 24
    Still have white boy and three white girls that are for sale!
  • sage on March 23
    I would be interested in seeing the girlies. Where in Texas might you be?