Fox pups for sale

Fox pups for sale

Price: $100.00
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  • Name: Tracie
  • Posted: 04/02/2022
  • Location: Ohio
  • ID #69643
Taking $100 deposits on red fox pups, black marble fox kits and a pearl born. Pickup will be the weekend of April 17th. I still have a few pups unspoken for.

We also have other types ready to be born.

We will start litter training them when we pull them. We hold them 3 x per day and feed 4x per day. We will give u info, teach u training techniques and help you throughout the year. Our tame adults are fed a very diverse diet, raised in clean pens, up to date on medications and played with daily. You may see the variety of foxes we raise in our Facebook page-RT FOXES central OH. Please know ur state laws regarding owning a pet fox. Thanks


  • ROXANN JENKINS on May 17
  • Ayman Omar Omar on April 29
    Can I buy one please ?
  • Leni Carpor on April 14
    I love these dogs do you have any left