Genuine 100% Wolf puppy CITES Proven

Genuine 100% Wolf puppy CITES Proven

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  • Name: Tom
  • Posted: 05/02/2022
  • Location: Montana
  • ID #70187
Here is an opportunity to own something unique indeed.

These puppies are full blood Gray Wolf of the Minnesota/Montana variety, These are what would have been found naturally in the northern united states, unlike the Canadian wolves released into Yellowstone that now have spread into surrounding states.

These wolves have been strategically bred for handling/Training and have strong genetic memory of some very important traits.

These puppies if raised and trained appropriately have endless possibilities for Animal ambassador, Education, Motion picture, Advanced Training and more.

The parents and grandparents have been in films, TV, Still Photography, animal education, live displays and more and are among the most beautiful and photogenic wolves in the world.

These Wolves Howl but don't bark and are only born April/May, anyone claiming they have Pure Wolves that are born any other time of year are mistaken.

The eight generations of advanced training and close human contact have produced amazing unique Wolves that will be life changing for the right human companion.

Being 100% Wolf these puppies need specific licensing that Varies by location and as such will only be provided to fully qualified legal owners.

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