Pure Bred Bengal Kittens

Pure Bred Bengal Kittens

Price: 1200 each
This is one of the moms and the only pic I can get to load right now, but you are welcome to call or text and I can send you some more. I am going to try to post some later.

I work nights @ a hospital so best time to call is between 5am-8am and 12noon to 4pm. Between the hours of 5p and 5a you are welcome to text and I can back with you asap.

I have 1 kitten (female snow linx) available that was born 5/25/22 and 2 kittens (1 Snow linx female and 1 dark colored male) available that were born 6/28/22) Moms and Dad are both Snow Linx with Blue eyes and so far it looks like babies will all have blue eyes as well. Instead of selling, I would love to trade with another breeder for a Serval cub. I also have an approx 1.5 year old Female (Mom to the 2 kittens born 6/28/22) that I can add to sweeten the pot. I am wanting to trade even, no cash involved. Serval cub can be male or female though female is preferred and can either be with or without breeding rights (I don't currently plan to breed, just want one as a pet). I do want it young enough to get front claws declawed (it will be strictly indoors, or on a leash when out and about).


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