• REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Lonesome Bull Ranch
  • Posted: 05/21/2010
  • Location: Texas
  • ID #746
Newborn Female Zebra Foal $3850

We have 4 pregnant zebra mares that are about to deliver any day now. We are pulling the first female for bottle-feeding and asking $3850.

The parents have perfect stripes with no shading and we expect the foals to be beautiful as well. The zebra herd is tame and will eat out of your hand.

We also have over 40 species of exotics to stock your ranch. We have buffalo, addax, gemsbok, scimitar horned oryx, blackbuck, kangaroo, zebra, wildebeest, elk, and many more--call or email for more info and photos!


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