Price: 10,000
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  • Name: Michael & Tammy Herren
  • Posted: 05/04/2023
  • Location: Illinois
  • ID #75397
For sale 
Here’s an opportunity to have a “walk a mile “ bottle baby white male Born 6/3/24. He is on the bottle but next to the adults for interaction. “Walk a mile” camels are know for their calm, quiet and gentle disposition especially in the males. The males are usually easy breeders and gentle on the females. The typically throw white babies and can breed year round. We have a son and grandson of “ walk a mile “ Our bulls remain docile all year long even during breeding season. While this can’t be guaranteed for all offspring it’s generally the norm.

This guy is exceptional. He was up standing and sucking in an hour and. He Had no problem getting up and down and getting his legs All figured out by the next day. He’s big, strong and a real personality. He’s got the makings of a great daddy someday. Respectfully for the camels benefit, we like to sell babies to folks that have camels and experience or plan on getting another camel. Llamas and goats are not the same. Check out Kamaroo farms Fb page and website for a recent video of our walk a mile male FEZ. Price is 10,000 pick up here. Half down balance in pickup. Thx mike and Tammy herren. 573-406-8206

Ps mother is not for sale


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