Serval Breeding Pair - High Quality Proven Producers in Savannah and Zoo facilities

Serval Breeding Pair - High Quality Proven Producers in Savannah and Zoo facilities

Price: 40k
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  • Name: MT. View Exotics - Katherine Muller
  • Posted: 10/02/2023
  • Location: Oregon
  • ID #77372
This stunning high quality breeding pair are Proven producers of Healthy beautiful Big bold spotted Kittens with solid black noses. Captain and Kahleesi have had two litters every year they are paired together. Kahleesi has litters that are large healthy big kittens and her litter sizes range 3-6 each time she gives birth. I sell their kittens for 9-10k each as their lines are highly sought out for and their kittens are starting to breed at 9 months of age in Zoo and Savannah breeding Facilities. Savannah breeding programs with their offspring making Savannah F-1’s are selling their kittens from my lines for 20-25k each. Kahleesi is bred as they were paired together not long ago. Her kittens are easy to bottle feed and are always awesome drinkers and latch well! I have a waiting list a mile long and will pass my customer list over that are wanting kittens from this proven breeding pair! Only four kittens sold from this pair will pay for themselves. I have them on a strict diet of Raw chicken thighs with vitamin supplements. Both Captain and Kahleesi live outside and adapt well to weather change. Captain and Kahleesi can be handled.

Shipping is available through Alaskan Cargo airlines. Local pick up is also an option. Buyer pays for shipping. I will provide health certificates and set up importing permits.

I will only sell to USDA licensed facilities or legal states! Must show pictures of your facility for approval of sale! I’m selling because I’m too busy with travel and kids sports. This pair is too amazing and I don’t have time to bottle feed kittens anymore.


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