Low Content Wolf / Hybrid / Wolfdog

Low Content Wolf / Hybrid / Wolfdog

Price: $1,500.00
Willow ~ Low Content Wolfdog (47% Grey Wolf)

Born 11/23/2023 ~ 6 months old

Perfect for an active home, but loves a lazy day as well. Enjoys sun bathing and people watching


Up to date on dewormings and vaccines

Heartworm prevention every 30 days

Crate trained & house broken

Walks well on leash and off leash with a consistent recall *still a young pup, needs consistent training, has a solid foundation*

High food drive and E collar conditioned

Responds to her name, here, and sit

Working on down and focused heel

Stands patiently for grooming

Rides calmly in vehicles, kenneled or freely

NO motion sickness

NO food aggression and NO resource guarding, with humans or animals

Incredibly sweet and social with every adult, child, and animal she's interacted with

"Bomb proof" she has handled every situation flawlessly ~ Shooting firearms, train horns, busy traffic, and other major distractions (children running at her while screaming, adult dogs lunging at her, unexpected interactions with wildlife)

Training and socialization will be continuously worked while in my home

Extremely affectionate with humans and other dogs


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