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The Asian small-clawed otter is 1 of 5 different otter species that is native to Asia. This is the smallest otter species being only about 11 lbs. They do live in large family groups. Their diet in the wild is crustaceans, mollusks, and small fish.

Asian Small Clawed Otter Pups

  • Posted: 03/26/2023
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  • Location: Idaho
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We have a litter of Asian Small Clawed Otter pups available soon. We have both male and female pups available. These pups will be hand raised, highly socialized, and super sweet. Perfect addition to an educational program or zoological facility. Seri...

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  • Name: Edith Bernard
  • Posted: 03/24/2023
  • Phone: 4237210379
  • Location: Tennessee

List of surplus 1.1 South American Geoffrey cats 3 yrs 6,000 1.2 Rare Sand Cats. 3yrs 7500 1.1. Canadian Lynx. 4yrs 8000 1.0 Serval. 5 yrs 2500 0.1 caracal. 2 yrs. 5000 1.1 otters. 3 yrs....

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North American River Otters

  • Name: Andrew Clark
  • Posted: 03/18/2023
  • Phone: (937) 564-7248
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  • Location: Ohio
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North American river otters have arrived for this season! We are a USDA licensed facility located in western Ohio. We are looking to place otters in other USDA licensed facilities in the United States. Please contact us through our website: https://c...

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North American River Otter, EXTREMELY FRIENDLY

  • Price: 15,000.00
  • Name: Mike H.
  • Posted: 12/06/2022
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  • Location: Ohio

North American River Otter. Captive born, 2000. He was parent raised, however, he is, HANDS DOWN, the most friendly, social, handleable North American River Otter you could ever meet! He does not discriminate. He will accept ANY kind of attention, f...

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Otters, small primates, Kangaroos, foxes, tenrecs, and many more…

  • Name: Michelle Smith. Mini S Exotic Zoo, LLC (texas)
  • Posted: 11/26/2022
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SEMI-RETIRING! Available to USDA licensed facilities: compatible M/F ASC otters, easy to work around. 6 mo sweet baby otter - does not bite! 2- 8 Wk Fennec Fox females $2800 ea. Super tame male fennec (currently great program animal). $3000. Female c...

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Asian Small Clawed Otters

  • Price: 12k
  • Name: Terri Pompay/The Animal Club Exotics
  • Posted: 09/08/2022
  • Phone: 732-915-4405
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  • Location: Florida

4 week old Asian Small Clawed Otters. Great encounter or educational species Two males available call me at 732-915-4405 12k

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Small clawed otter

  • Price: 10,000
  • Name: Patricia Rivers
  • Posted: 07/09/2022
  • Phone: 3522994226
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  • Location: Florida

5 week old asian small clawed otter on the bottle

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Housing for an Asian small-clawed otter is not for everyone. The otter does have a natural odor that you may want to consider when placing their caging. All otters are able to climb wire fencing, bushes and trees so a roof is recommended or a solid wall barrier. Also there needs to be a solid flooring or wire dug down to about 3 feet below the walls to stop from the otter digging out. They need an area to be able to exercise, forage and digging. A clean water source to be able to swim in daily. This species of otter is found in tropical climate so does not do well in cold climates. They need to be at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, if temperature goes below, you will need to provide a heated indoor area for them to go into. The water temperature needs to be about 75 degree Fahrenheit. Dry bedding or area with dry flooring needs to be available at all times. If the otter does not have an area to dry off and does stay wet for extended periods, it will lead to health issues. Asian small-clawed otters are not compatible to be housed with other species of otters.

A separate water bowl, which is small enough that the otter cannot swim in, needs to be provided for clean drinking water.

The diet of an Asian small-clawed otter in captivity consist of canned or dry cat food, that is designed to control calcium oxalate uroliths, fish, crickets and mealworms. Supplemental vitamin E and thiamin needs to be also included in their diet.

Vaccines recommend are for leptospirosis, rabies, parvovirus and canine distemper. Otters can get heartworm disease and should be administered ivermectin as a preventive.


  • Elaine on September 19
    Do you ship them or we pickup them? Thanks, Elaine
  • Landon2.0 on April 25
    Hi, are these otters sus? Legally of course :}
  • Zeke Adams on January 9
    I just wanna see how much they are
  • Carolin on June 15
    I adore Asian Small Clawed River Otters, and I would live to own two. But. Please watch these 2 owners on youtube. “Aty Otter” and “Kotaro and Hana.” A healthy otter diet is mostly certain kinds of fish! Aty needs 15 fish daily. These otters also have watery, bad smelly poo. They can be trained to go in a potty place. The one family uses dog pads and goes through 19 daily which is very expensive. It helps that they let their otters swim in the morning and a few tines in a day, as this is a good way to get their bottoms clean. Otters must wipe dry after swimming to be healthy; be ready for a major laundry bill. Otters have ansl scent glands and they release a liquid to mark areas, including owners! Seems the males’ secretion is not so bad, but the females’ scent markers can smell like rotting fish. Hama’s owner has to scrub his arm if Hana scents on him. Aty’s owner manages this issue by gently squeezing Aty’s butt area each day, to get the scent liquid out. Then there is none to secrete for the day. Aty is very docile and is ok submitting to this daily ritual. ;). Otters may not nean to bite you. If they are young and excited to eat fish, they might jump and end up biting your hand slong with that fish. The otter owners I respect most have had their share if major bleeding from bites. Their otters are very cuddly, but while when they are learning or if they are startled etc. You need to realize you probably cannot buy and kerp a young otter without ever getting at least a few bloody bites. These aminsls need safe daily swimming water. It is mean to not. They also are very social and they should have someone who does not leave them st hime sline all day. Think of an outgoing three year old child who wants your attention when awske. I write all if this because I hate to think of sad otters, unhealthy otters, and otters that don’t get to swim as oart of their routine. I think most people fall in love with how adorable they are. But I think it takes a very special kind of commitment, patience, care and money to truly be able to responsibly give an otter a good home.
  • Addi on March 24
    The otters on here are SO cute, and I am looking forward to getting one. They are expensive and I am only ten. It is my dream to get one, so I worked my butt off to get the money.
  • Hunter on February 15
    I love them
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    Where do you get your otters from?
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